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How do you Watch Netflix Together Long Distance

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In the present carefully associated period, actual distance no longer must be a boundary to esteemed minutes in our connections. Watching Netflix together, in any event, when miles separated, has turned into a cherished movement for couples, companions, and families exploring significant distance associations. This guide offers a diverse range of innovative methods to enjoy Netflix with loved ones, regardless of geographical boundaries. There are numerous options, from the popular Netflix Party extension that synchronizes playback and encourages shared commentary to the combination of video calling platforms like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime with Netflix for virtual movie nights. 

Furthermore, mobile apps like Rave and Kast provide synchronized video viewing. At the same time, tech-savvy users can explore Syncplay or use Discord for screen sharing and voice chat. DIY solutions, such as manual synchronization and maintaining a phone call connection, offer simplicity and connection. In this digital age, the Netflix Party extension is a bridge that brings hearts together across distances, strengthening bonds and proving that great shows and movies can unite us regardless of physical separation. 

1. Netflix Party (Teleparty)

What is the Netflix Watch Party (Teleparty)?

1.1 A browser extension that syncs Netflix playback for multiple users.

1.2 Includes a chat feature for shared commentary and reactions.

Steps to Use:

1.3 Firstly, install the Netflix Party Chrome extension on a compatible web browser.

1.4 Open a Netflix video, start the party, and share the generated link.

2. Coordinated Streaming with Video Calls

Combining Netflix with Video Calling Platforms:

2.1 Use Zoom, Skype, and also FaceTime alongside Netflix Watch Party.

2.2 One person shares their screen, playing Netflix content.

Tips for Synchronization:

2.3 Start the movie or show simultaneously.

2.4 Use a countdown to synchronize playbacks.

3. Rave Mobile App

Exploring Rave:

3.1 Besides, installing the Netflix Party Chrome extension, a mobile app for watching videos in sync.

3.4 Further, it supports Netflix and other streaming services.


3.5 Synchronized playback with voice and text chat.

4. Kast: A Versatile Streaming App

Introducing Kast:

4.1 Also, you can try your hand at a multimedia-sharing app rather than Watch Party Netflix.

4.2 Offers combined video, voice, and text chat.

Netflix Viewing on Kast:

4.3 Suitable for hosting virtual movie nights.

4.4 Similar to Watch Party Netflix, it also supports larger groups.

5. Syncplay: Advanced Syncing Software

What is Syncplay?

5.1 An application for syncing media players across computers.

5.2 Unlike the Netflix Party extension, it is compatible with various media players.

Using Syncplay with Netflix:

5.3 Ideal for tech-savvy users.

6. Discord for Streaming and Chatting

Netflix Streaming via Discord:

6.1 Screen share Netflix on Discord.

6.2 Besides, it includes a voice chat feature.


6.3 Popular for its robust chat options.

6.4 Further, it is great for small gatherings, similar to Netflix's Watch Party. 

7. DIY Solutions

Manual Synchronization:

7.1 Coordinating playback start times manually.

Phone Call Companionship:

7.2 Watch separately, but stay in touch through a call.


Long-distance relationships and friendships can enjoy Netflix Party together using these innovative solutions. Moreover, from dedicated apps like Teleparty and Rave to simple manual syncing and calls, these methods bridge the gap, making distance feel less significant. They need to deal with a method for watching motion pictures and shows together additionally to help keep up with and reinforce connections. And that’s how you came to know “How to do Netflix Party,” thus you can enjoy streaming Netflix in seven ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

Q1. What is Netflix Watch Party (Telepathy), and how can it work?

A browser extension called Netflix Party, now known as Teleparty synchronizes Netflix playback for multiple users. It incorporates a live chat feature for users to share comments and responses. Moreover, to utilize it, introduce Teleparty on a viable internet browser, open a Netflix video, begin the party, and offer the link to others.

Q2. Can I use Video Calling Services like Skype or Zoom to watch Netflix with Friends?

Indeed, you can join Netflix's web-based video calling stages like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. One person needs to share their screen playing the Netflix content. For smooth viewing, start the movie or show simultaneously and use a countdown for synchronization.

Q3. What is the Rave Mobile app, and how does it Support Netflix Viewing?

Also, Rave is a mobile app that allows synchronized video watching. It supports Netflix and other streaming services, offering synchronized playback and voice and text chat options for a shared viewing experience. Get Chrome Extension

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