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How to Use Netflix Party to Watch Movies Together Online

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Apart from work life, there’s a lot more we can do in the name of entertainment. And also to complement ourselves after working so hard at the end of the day. If you are still thinking, what are we talking about? Then, without confusing you anymore, the ongoing discussion belongs to the Netflix Party Chrome extension. Which is an online accessible tool that needs to be installed on your system. And don’t worry, as installing it will not cost you anything. Once you install this extension, that means you are always ready to create a watch party. Creating a Netflix Watch Party doesn’t restrict you from watching alone, as you always have the option to add your friends to it. 

Moreover, even if your friends live far away from you? You always have access to adding them to your Netflix Watch Party. Along with it, there’s a lot more you can do along with streaming, such as using its accessible and user-friendly features. In case you are still thinking about how all these things will fit in creating a watch party? Then, you don’t need to make any extra efforts to make it happen until or unless you have the below information. So stay tuned in order to see things more clearly before you start processing.        


How to use a Netflix Party for Unlimited Streaming and Fun?

Downloading and installing the Netflix Party extension on your system is essential. To begin unlimited streaming entertainment and fun with your friends at your Netflix Watch Party, let’s get started: 

1. In order to learn how hosting a Netflix Party works or takes place. You need to download its Netflix Party Chrome Extension first on your system.   

2. After installing its extension, launch Netflix on your system. And then, start by choosing a video that you want to watch, then play it. 

3. Consequently, the color of the Netflix Party extension icon must have changed from gray to red. You can easily find the icon next to your address bar, don’t forget to click on it.

4. Next, you will see a pop-up window instructing you to “Create a Netflix Party.” Moreover, it also offers you an option to either take complete control over the playback in your hands. Or leave the controllability option open to everyone.

5. Further, you need to click on the “Start the party” option. So that a new window will pop up along with a Netflix Watch Party invitation link. 

6. To carry onwards, copy the Netflix Watch Party invitation link and share it with your friends. 

7. If you lose this watch party link, click on the Netflix Party extension icon. Only then will you be able to find this Netflix Watch Party link again. 

8. Remember, Netflix Party will automatically show you an icon you need to click. Clicking on the icon will allow you to make changes to your profile, such as your nickname, profile icon, etc.

9. Being invited to the watch party, join it by clicking on the shared link. Lastly, end the process by clicking on the Netflix Party icon and be prepared to reach the height of entertainment.   

Unique & Amazing Features of Netflix Party

Your Netflix Watch Party is incomplete without the added advantage of its optimistic features. Therefore, here you have some major ones that can boost amplification in your watch party. And these are:

1. Seamless Sync & HD Resolution

Besides, offering a better HD resolution picture quality enhances your video-watching experience. It also provides video playback in real-time sync to enjoy consistent streaming with your friends worldwide.   

2. Global Access 

The global accessibility feature is everything to connect and gather people from different locations in one place. So you can watch videos with all your friends worldwide by installing the Netflix Party extension. 

3. Complete Control 

Taking control over your Netflix Party or opening it for others is completely in the hands of the watch party’s host. Hence, being a host to enable control, turn “On” the “Only I Have Control” button. Consequently, you can pause, play, rewind, forward, or resume a video. 

4. Profile Customization

Suppose you want to make changes to your Netflix Watch Party profile to increase attractiveness. Put cute & cool to your profile icon and choose unique or exceptional nicknames to put as usernames.

5. Group Chat

To escape from boredom, nothing but a group-chat feature can work best for you. Yes, using this feature, you can express your reviews, thoughts & opinions with your friends via group chat in the group-chat box. To make your reactions even stronger, try sending emojis as well. 

6. Cost-Effective 

Here's one of the most likable features, which describes its free-of-cost accessibility. Yes, you heard it right; installing and accessing this add-on extension is free, letting you enjoy it more without worrying about money loss. 

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